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St. Francis de Sales
Church Obligation Dues for Parishioner Tuition Rate

Dear Parents of St. Francis de Sales School,

We are happy and pleased you are sending your child to St. Francis de Sales School. A priority of ours is the Catholic education of our parish children in a safe environment, taught by a highly educated and experienced faculty. Your choice to send your child to our parish school will benefit your child for his/her life. St. Francis de Sales School is a parish school. Its mission and purpose are organically linked to St. Francis de Sales Parish Church.

To qualify for the parish tuition rate you must be a registered St. Francis de Sales family, agreeing to the responsibility of contributing a minimum of $624.00 a year to St. Francis de Sales Parish. This may be paid in a lump sum for the year or $52.00 a month for the 12 months of the calendar year.

You may contribute via the church Sunday offering envelope with either cash or check or E-Giving.  It is important to keep your church contributions current. To use E-Giving please go to the parish website at and click on "Contribute" and then click on the E-Giving Donation Page.

Thank you for supporting St. Francis de Sales Parish and School.


Fr. Michael Wakefield, Pastor
Dr. Elizabeth Gregg, Principal

Tuition Information

2016-2017 School Year

1 Child $ 6,450 per year/$645 per month
2 Children $10,980 per year/$1,098 per month
3 Children $13,900 per year/$1,390 per month
4 Children $15,420 per year/$1,542 per month
Kindergarten $ 7,000 per year/$700 per month
1 Child $ 7,875 per year/$787 per month
Kindergarten $ 8,540 per year/$854 per month

Parishioner Family:  A parishioner family is defined as a Catholic family registered at St. Francis de Sales Church.  Parishioner families must contribute a total of $624 for the year which can be paid over 12 months at $52 per month.  It is important to mark your church envelope number on all church contributions.   
Church contributions will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and if not current, your tuition rate will increase to the “Non-Parishioner” rate.

As a reminder the first month’s tuition for 2016-17 is NON-REFUNDABLE and due by JUNE 15th, 2016. The remaining tuition may be paid starting Sept.15th on a monthly basis, ending on May 15th.


Annual Fees
(These fees will be billed in July, and due by August 15, 2016).

TechnologyFee $225.00 per student
Books/Insurance/Earthquake Fee/Yard Duty $175.00 per student
Graduation Fee (8th grade) $85.00 per student
Sacraments -2nd Grade $50.00 per student
Graduation (Kinder) $20.00 per student
Room Parents Fees-Grades K-6 $20.00 per student
Room Parents Fees-Grades 7 $125.00 per student
Room Parents Fees-Grade 8 $175.00 per student


Option 1: Single payment: $425 due October 1st, 2016
Option 2: Three payments: $150 due October 1st, 2016
$150 due February 1st, 2017
$125 due April 30th, 2017




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Phone: (818)784-9573 Fax: (818)784-9649
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